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Blair Oliver And Scott Debt Collectors is a debt purchasing and selling company listed in the website of






Name: Blair Oliver And Scott Debt Collectors
Address: 8 North Bank Street, Edinburgh EH1 2LP or Admail 203, Manchester M60 5EE
Telephone: 0870 850 1291 or 0870 240 5138 or 0870 240 2502 or 0131 442 7777; also possibly 01383 430170.
Extra Data: The address on their letterheads is PO Box 66 Rosyth KY11 2WG (a PO box therefore cannot get a signature on registered post/recorded delivery etc.).

Blair Oliver And Scott Debt Collectors and the Truth About Your Debt

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I am indebted to the Consumer Action Group forums for the following:

Heres a quandry: We sent of the CCA request to Blair, Oliver & Scott Debt Collectors and they have failed to produce anything at all, except the £1.00 postal order sent originally! That we did receive! The note attached said thet all documents would be sent shortly; well, they weren't. As it stands the debt is now unenforcable and they have commited an offence.

So here's whats happened recently. They have not proved they own the debt in any way whatsoever and yet they have continued to send letters abour requesting payment and the latest one is talking about recovering the full balance and baillifs, bankruptcy and legal action which includes a judgement/decree entered against my wife (it's her debt); an order being made to secure the debt against our property and our personal effects being sold to repay the debt! [Blah blah blah].

CAG replies: Are the 30 days up? Report them to trading standards. Legal action will be difficult for them, you asked them to prove you owed them money and they failed.

Our comments: Here is a good example of how the DCA (in this case Blair Oliver And Scott Debt Collectors) kept on blagging in the hope that they could frighten people. They all do this, not just Blair Oliver And Scott. In the above example the DCA would not have a chance in Hell of winning the case and so these people would never receive a court summons in a million years because Blair Oliver And Scott know they would lose.

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